Specialists in the manufacture of instant drinks for food service vending machines and dispensers

SIMAT is a family company, founded in 1979, which manufactures instant soluble drinks for automatic vending machines and dispensers in the food service sector.

Since its founding, SIMAT has been a specialist and leader in producing and selling soluble products for vending machines.

With the construction of our current factory in Hostalets de Pierola, SIMAT has began a new stage, now offering clients around the world the most advanced agglomeration technology of solubles products on the market worldwide.

In the present, SIMAT management is done by the second generation of the Font family, Pere and Joan Font, with other professionals who are not members of the family.

SIMAT was a pioneer in being awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Always faithful to its extremely-high standards, SIMAT has implemented the most advanced quality control and food safety & hygiene systems, both for purchasing raw materials and in its production processes.

SIMAT works with the University of Barcelona in researching and developing new products, thus ensuring the continuous improvement of its manufactured soluble products.

SIMAT has a versatile and continuous production system, offering a wide range of dairy products, hot chocolates, coffees, teas and herbal teas and soups, guaranteed to cover end consumers’ different tastes and needs.

SIMAT also provides the vending operator with excellent quality products with optimum performance and functionality in automatic machines.

SIMAT can produce soluble products with the brands of its distributors, partners and clients, with the aim of reaching end consumers.

SIMAT is clearly focused on offering its clients the highest quality of service.

For this reason, SIMAT markets all types of products for vending machines that complement the soluble products, including consumables (glasses, drink stirs) and snacks by prestigious brands.

Thus, in a single order, vending machine operators can resolve all their daily provisioning needs for their automatic machines.

“Since 1997, when we embarked on strategically upgrading and modernising SIMAT, we have worked in line with the testimony of the company founder, our dear father. We have left everything that he sowed and upgraded everything that needed it. This is why we continue to be excited with our work of creating high quality ready-to-serve food products.

We would like to share this business project with you and give the best of ourselves so that you will have the best product, service and personalised assistance.

The key—the people who work with us—SIMAT people, will assist you with the firm assurance that we can provide the most suitable products for your end clients. Products that work, products they like, in short, profitable products.”

“Our commitment is to you”
– Pere Font and  Joan Font  –
SIMAT partners
SIMAT manufactures instant soluble drinks for their use in automatic vending machines and dispensers in the food service sector.
SIMAT is a family company and has been a leader in the manufacturer of soluble products since 1979