SIMAT wishes you Happy Holidays


The Simat team wishes you happy Christmas and New Year holidays together with your loved ones. We wish you all your expectations are reached in 2019.

We take advantage, the dear opportunity to inform you of a novelty.



Attending to the current needs of consumers, who do not have so much time to take care of themselves but who do not neglect their health: Simat wants to offer products with balanced nutritional values ​​as well as very practical. Our interest is to continue innovating and improving our offer day by day.

Thick chocolate monodose without added sugar. Very practical to accompany in OCS positions, Horeca, water sources, convenience stores and for home as well. It is delicious and does not have added sugars, gluten-free, low-fat product. Always thinking so that sensitive groups such as diabetics can also take an excellent thick cocoa.

Very good and even those who prefer the classic, you will be surprised by this version for all audiences.

The new cases of concentrated soft drinks to dilute. In this healthy way, you break with the routine of drinking only water, making hydration not so boring.

You can also dilute it in a glass of water and drink it instantly while enjoying a fresher flavor as well.

They have tea and fruit extract, they are sweetened and they DO NOT CARRY SUGAR !!!

Available in Lemon / Peach Version

We emphasize on these products the ease with which they are prepared and surprised by their quality and added value. Excellent solution to be hydrated all day since once prepared is preserved 24 hours.

And more for these oncoming days, if we have to go behind the wheel, why not hydrate with flavor? Ideal now that Christmas is coming for those of us who travel to spend family holidays. It is prepared in a 500ml bottle and is ready to drink !!

At home with the family, or if you have to work, now is the time to take hot chocolates, we have many and for all tastes. And we also propose a fun recipe that you have to try.

Choco Mint Recipe



For a 100cc glass we will put 19-22 g of any cocoa from the Simat range and then 4 g of the Mint Tea. It will still be better to make a sugar-free Choco Mint if you put 11 g of Nat’Choc without sugar and 2-3 g of Simat Concentrated Sugar Free Mint Tea. Ideal for all audiences.