Simat, your proximity company, with a professional team, committed and always at your service

Commercial, Marketing and Customer Service Department
The Commercial Department and SIMAT representatives will assist you in your queries and orders in an agile manner, as well as in the after-sales follow-up of your orders.
The Marketing Department constantly studies all the news of interest for the vending channel in the Food Service, with the aim of incorporating them quickly and at the best price.
The Customer Service Department diligently answers all your questions about deliveries, orders, shipment of samples and other commercial matters.
SIMAT actively participates in sectoral vending associations such as Aneda (Spanish National Association of Automatic Distributors), EVA (European Vending Association) and ACV (Catalan Vending Association).
SIMAT offers continuous training to its customers on the correct use of soluble products in vending machines, for optimum functionality and perfect economic performance.
Production and Manufacturing Plant
SIMAT is a pioneer company in the manufacture of soluble products for automatic vending and dispensing machines in the Food Service.
SIMAT manufactures with the most advanced granulation technology, which ensures perfect solubility of its products and regularity in its functionality.
SIMAT has the capacity to manufacture a wide range of soluble products, ensuring very tight delivery times.
R+D+I, Formation and Quality

The Department of R&D of SIMAT works continuously in the development of new soluble products that adapt to the demands of the market, both technically and sensorially.

The R + D + I Department ensures the optimal functionality of soluble SIMAT products and introduces improvements that maximize the benefits for its customers.

SIMAT collaborates with the University of Barcelona for the continuous improvement of its manufacturing processes and optimal performance of its products for its customers.

SIMAT is in direct contact with the different Administrations and sectoral organizations, in order to obtain the corresponding specific export and other certificates, and compliance with current regulations for food safety.

Logistics and Storage

The SIMAT Logistics Department takes full care of the preparation of our customers’ orders, so their products should arrive at their destination quickly and in optimal conditions of use and consumption.

SIMAT has safety stocks of most of its products to provide optimal service to our customers.

The storage of raw materials and finished products of SIMAT is carried out in FIFO terms and making easy the traceability of shipments.

Administration and HR

The SIMAT Administration Department is responsible for preparing all accounting and administrative documentation, sending it, as well as payments and collections.

SIMAT undertakes to be diligent in the treatment of all documentation, that all requirements are met in accordance with current legislation and based on the General Sales Conditions of SIMAT.

SIMAT is committed to the job and personal reconciliation of its employees, as well as for continuing training.