Rigorous raw material selection
Raw materials are procured from approved suppliers, based on long term supply agreements signed and annually delivery plans, with full traceability.
Both when receiving raw materials, during manufacture and packaging and in finished product lots, there are systematic quality controls based on the parameters established by the Quality Department.
Quality, regularity and optimal performance
SIMAT is committed to producing with constant innovation, in order to give its clients the very best quality and ensure they are fully satisfied.
SIMAT products are manufactured using the most advanced granulation technology, which confers end products regularity in issues as important as agglomeration, density, solubility and yields, for all types of automatic machines.
Honesty and service excellence
SIMAT is a family company, now being run by the second generation of the Font family.
SIMAT is a company that takes care with the details to earn its clients’ trust on a daily basis for work well done.
SIMAT innovates and is proactive, seeking long term relations, based on honesty and integrity.
SIMAT has a service vocation and provides solutions and responses quickly to the needs of each of its clients.
SIMAT guarantees—via its logistics operators—deliveries in Spain within 24 to 72 hours from the time the order is received (before 11 am the same day), as it has safety stocks of all standard products in the catalogue.
Internationally, SIMAT also despatches quickly, either on pallet, lorry, containers or by air, serving its clients anywhere in the world. All orders are despatched with their pertinent export certificates.
Provide the best quality and high-level organisation that can respond immediately to any request and situation that could arise.
We want our motto to be fulfilled: