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Our values

SIMAT is 100% customer focused.
SIMAT respects its suppliers, is socially responsible with society, cooperates with universities and research centres and is environmentally friendly. SIMAT conducts a thorough and demanding selection of its raw materials, as well as employing advanced granulation technology.
SIMAT is ISO9001:2008 certified and meets the most demanding ISO FSSC-22000 food safety requirements, fulfilling all Health Registers. SIMAT is committed to continuous improvement of its products while continuing to innovate and invest to offer the best agglomeration engineering in the vending, dispensing, hospitality, convenience and foodservice sector.
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Own production

Specialists in manufacturing soluble and instant drinks since 1979. We offer our clients the most advanced granulation technology on the market today. We formulate our products, unique on the market, in accordance with the end product required, using the latest generation granulation system. Our continuous agglomeration and drying process imbues the granules with characteristics designed especially for the vending machine and dispenser sector, obtaining optimal results with automatic dispensing machines.
We can also personalise our clients’ products. Locally, nationally and internationally.
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Peace-of-mind and confidence, because all of our products are fully compliant with food legislation, with balanced and functional nutritional values that—above all—taste great.
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We manufacture creative instant solutions to be consumed hot or cold, for all types of machines

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Social and environmental responsibility

SIMAT is concerned about contributing to our surroundings and strengthening our social relations with all our stakeholders, both internal and external. As well as taking care of our planet and its resources, we work with NGOs, food banks and have co-operation programmes with local cultural institutions and work experience programmes for fellows. Our R&D&i Department participates with universities and associations of the main groups. We comply with the ECOEMBES standard. We efficiently treat cardboard and by-product wastes. We maintain an efficient production system that guarantees low water and electricity consumption.

Healthy products

Simat is committed to healthy vending machines, to enjoy the authentic taste of excellent instant beverages with balanced nutritional values. We have a line of extra creamy dairy drinks with no added sugar and with extra calcium, lines of concentrated herbal teas with no added sugar that are digestive and low calorie. They are endorsed by strict external laboratory controls, as well as internal Simat controls, with ongoing innovation and collaboration with the main universities in our community.